Adjustment of Status & Consular Processing in San Antonio

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Once the family petition is approved, the next step will be to apply for residency or “green card”.

Some people may apply for residency within the United States through the Adjustment of Status process, but others will need to apply for residency outside the United States through Consular Processing. 

Adjustment of Status

  • The person must be in the United States and have entered legally with some type of visa or parole. 
  • Persons with family petitions filed on or before April 30, 2001, may also apply for residency in the United States. 

Consular Process

Anyone who has not entered the United States legally or who resides in another country will need to go in person to the US consulate/embassy in their country of birth to process their residency application.

It is important that BEFORE leaving the United States you consult with an experienced attorney because when you leave the person you could expose yourself to punishment and not be able to return. The person may qualify for a waiver; but there are waivers that must be requested before the person leaves the United States.

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